The 37°C SMARTHOME comes with a range of powerful apps that make work, play and life comfortable and convenient.
The 37°C smart home inherits the  smart Habitat strategy of the Seedland Real Estate Development Co., Ltd..  It combines technology and aesthetics to create intelligent home products that create a comfortable, healthy, beautiful and intelligent living environment.We believe that quality home products, the first thing is to have a beautiful appearance. In the product design, color matching, material selection, we have carefully considered, and finally presented a simple and elegant 37 °C  smart products,  adding style to your home.  Home, sweet home. The beauty of home is that it is the most relaxing and private space for you. Every home has its light, smell, shape, and temperature, and every home is unique. The beauty of some homes is warm and energetic, and the beauty of some homes is quiet and calm. Finding the most comfortable state of home life is what we hope to provide for you.