The 37℃ Smart Desk-
The 37°C smart home inherits the smart Habitat strategy  of the  Seedland Real Estate Development Co., Ltd..  It combine
technology and aesthetics to create intelligent home products that create a comfortable,healthy,beautiful and intelligent living 
environment.We believe that quality home products, the first thing is to have a beautiful appearance.  In the product design, color
matching, material selection,we have carefully considered, and finally presented a simple and elegant 37 °C smart products,adding
style to your home. Home, sweet home. The beauty of home is that it is the most relaxing and private space for you.Every home has
its light,smell, shape,and temperature, and every home is unique. The beauty of some homes is  warm and energetic, and the beauty
of some homes is  quiet and calm.  Finding the most comfortable state of home life is what we hope to provide for you.

Overall Appearance

The magician in desks

Gesture Control

The  height  adjustment of the 37  Smart Desk
is completely controlled by gestures and does not
require any extra buttons,which fully 
accords with
people's natural operation habit.

Smart table lamp

The 37℃ Smart Desk equipped with smart lamp system to provide appropriate lighting for different working conditions.The desk lamp senses the human body. When the person  approaches,  the light will automatically turn on.  When the person leaves, the light will automatically go out.

Inductive Charging

In addition, if you buy the same series of smart office chair, then it can also automatically sense 37 Smart Desk wireless chargin. Automatic induction charging after the chair is returned to the position.

Desktop control module

The  desktop control module uses infrared to sense the user's sitting position,  preventing the user fromsuffering from body aches due to poor sitting posture.And the desktop control module is free to moveas  you  intended, and also provides  wireless charging for  your smartphone.

Material selection

Piano paint panel
walnut veneer
Solid wood particle board
saddle leather surface
37℃ Ergonomic Chair-

Many people work long hours. Over time, different degrees of pain appear on the back and neck. Therefore,  a
good office chair is very important.
We want to make an ergonomic chair that fits perfectly with the  physiological
curvature of  the human spine,  
allowing you to move  freely to dispel discomfort and focus your attention. At the
same time, it can also help you get out of bad


Black walnut wood curved wood Black walnut wood curved wood craft

Reproduce the classic streamline

Central spring damping adjustment make sure it is smooth when moving

The ergonomic office chair seat surface is filled with memory cotton,
ensuring that people are comfortable using different postures.

Central spring damping adjustment.

Mute wheels

The michelin mute wheels ensure comfort and quiet when moving.
Aluminum feet, Michelin mute wheels.

Memory cotton

The seat surface of  37°C Ergonomic chair is filled with memory cotton, ensuring
that people are comfortable indifferent postures. 
The multi-point pressure sensor
to monitor the user sitting posture.

Material selection

Skin-friendly cotton cloth
High breathable leather
Elastic woven cloth
Norwegian wool fabric