37℃ Smart Bed

It is a smart bed for touchless sensing.
Sleep quality monitoring and
a variety of contextual mode choices provide users
better sleep comfort and bedroom experience.


Non-contact monitoring

37℃ Smart Bed abandoned the traditional wearable sensor components, and chose the radar sensor, enabling a complete non-sensory monitoring.

Sleep report

37℃ Smart Bed can make user sleep data into sleep reports, allowing users to keep abreast of sleep quality and major issues.

Three modes

37℃ Smart Bed offers three modes: reading, sleeping, night light. It gives users the best experience in different situations.

Three modes

Reading Mode

When you need to read, the lights will automatically adjust brightness and angle.

Sleeping Mode

Soothing music and appropriate lighting can help you sleep.

Night Light

When you wake up at midnight, the induction light under the bed will light up automatically.


With radar sensors, we can detect the user's state and sleep quality, and send sleep data to the phone APP, allowing users to keep abreast of sleep quality and major issues.
And combined with advice from health professionals, APP will send weekly health reports
so that you can make a healthier sleep adjustment. In addition, if there are many
smart beds in the home, people can also use smart 
phones to monitor and adjust, ensuring your children or parents also have a better bedroom experience.

Material selection

Norwegian wool fabric
Skin-friendly cotton cloth
Antistatic chenille fabric
Elastic woven cloth
37℃ Smart Dresser

This is a Smart Dresser. It is equipped with a fill light to help the user make a better makeup. The skin detection function allows users to
understand their  skin at any time.  
In addition to viewing  basic weather information,  users can also use  37
°C  Smart Dressers to take
pictures and watch videos.


Skin Detection and Fill Light

37°C Smart Dresser provides users with skin detection function, allowing users to understand the skin's elasticity, pigment, moisture and other conditions at any time, helping users to carry out skin care more specifically.At the same time, the 37°Smart Dresser provides users with a fill light to help users properly improve makeup.

Camera Function

The 37°C Smart Dresser also provides users with camera functions. Through the large mirror, users can clearly see their own status in order to adjust their posture and makeup. Users can take photos directly and retain beautiful moments.

Video Playback

The 37°C Smart Dresser does not occupy space when the user is not wearing makeup. We provide users with video playback capabilities. When the user is bored, they can use a dresser to watch shows or movies.

Weather Display

The 37°C Smart Dresser provides a weather display on the mirror, making it easy for users to pick the right clothing and makeup based on temperature, humidity, and other weather conditions.

Material selection

Veneer Wood
Walnut Solid Wood
Oak Board
37℃ Smart Wardrobe

This is a smart wardrobe. It is designed to  serve customers better. It has a drying system inside to keep the clothes dry. In addition, it also
provides users with dress recommendations based 
on changes in temperature and humidity.


Smart data provides advice dress recommendations

Mould Growth

During the rainy weather, the air is very humid and the dry clothes in the closet will become wet. 
If you do not dry your clothes, you may have mold on your clothes.



  Built-in drying system. When wet weather occurs, the user can choose to 
dry or dehumidify to keep the inside of the wardrobe and clothes dry.

Dehumidifiers and Dryers

Clothes Selection

There will be different seasons of clothes in the closet. We need to choose different clothes according
to the weather and the temperature. Actually, however, we often find out that clothes are not suitable
for today's temperature after we go outdoors.

The smart wardrobe can sense the temperature and humidity through the built-in sensor, and 
will give the user a dressing suggestion based on the data obtained.

Dress Advice

Material selection

Walnut Veneer
Smooth Melamine Board
Walnut Solid Wood
Matte Melamine Board