37℃ Smart Sofa
It is an intelligent sofa. We hope to provide users with a better living room and leisure experience. As an important component of the living room,
sofa is not only an furniture, but also a "environment" -- a convenient environment for people to feel comfortable and relaxed. We hope that the
smart sofa can give users comfortable experience while helping the user get rid of the bad habit that hurts thebody.


When the user sitting on the sofa, the sofa built-in temperature control system will automatically adjust to a comfortable temperature. In addition, the user can also adjust the temperature on the small bracket on the side of the sofa.


Science shows that long-term sedentary will cause damage to the body. The smart sofa sets a multipoint pressure sensor, and when the user is sedentary, there will be a vibration reminder to avoid physical injury due to sedentary.


The intelligent induction lamp integrated with the sofa not only saves space, but also eliminates the cumbersomeness of manually switching lights by users.


Charging stand can provide wireless charging and wired charging for the user's smartphone.

Material selection

High-grade solid color linen fabric
Plaid velvet fabric
High-grade woven cotton linen cloth
Velvet fabric
37°C Smart Flower Pot

The 37°C Smart Flower Pot's built-in lighting device has a timing function that automatically turns the light on and off by setting the time to
turn it on and off.  LED lighting is used as alight source to meet the illumination required for plant growth.  A built-in temperature sensor is
used to  obtain the ratio of soil to moisture,  and a watering command is issued when the moisture is below a certain threshold. Indoor air
pollutants can be adsorbed and decomposed by photocatalysts and negative ion generators.

Air detection
Remote monitoring
Automatic irrigation
Intelligent constant temperature

Built-in temperature sensor to detect temperature and carbon dioxide content.

The automatic ventilation system regulates the internal temperature and air.

The user uploads the plant growth state and the plant growth diary through the APP, and exchanges ideas in the circle of friends.

Built-in temperature sensor to detect temperature and carbon dioxide content. The automatic ventilation system regulates the internal temperature and air. The built-in APP features a remote control switch that allows you to manipulate the 37°C Smart Flower Pot directly on the app and get growth data.

37°C smart carpet

Just put a piece of Lummi on the edge of the bed and people don't have to walk in the dark when they get up at night. As soon as you step on
the carpet, there will be a dreamy light shining under your feet.Lummi's design ideas are not complicated. Lummi is divided into four layers.The
bottom layer is a waterproof layer that prevents electric leakage. The third layer is the circuit layer and the second layer is the LED layer. Finally
covered by a soft layer of fabric.


Cordless charging carpet

Integrate all smart home charging modules

 90 Days

Long battery life

Metal shaft

Roll up the carpet for easier storage

rubber sleeve

Carpet + Night induction lighting

The Lummi smart carpet uses a pressure sensorand a delay circuit to control the LED switch.At the same time, a light-sensitive resistor isused forenergy saving,so that Lummi will not light even if it is stepped on during the day.

37°C Smart Home Farm

With the flexibility and diversity of the modular styling, this design enables a diverse indoor culture while maintaining optimal viewing. The
design also through compost technology, planting system to achieve self-digestion. And use of intelligent fill light system, the liberation of
the use of space limitations. In the design, make the product more integrated with the furniture environment, remove the chemical sense.
Helps people live between reinforced concrete and closer to green.


If you have a farm in a reinforced concrete city...

We live between reinforced concrete every day and people want to be closer to green.

A farm belonging to the city

The regular hexagon has a high degree of symmetry and can fill the entire plane without voids. The regular hexagon is also one of the most common forms in nature, like a honeycomb filled with honey, which means a good harvest.

Smart Home Farm

Growing vegetables, planting flowers, growing grass, raising fish

37°C Smart Coffee Table + Smart Audio

Provides wireless charging to charge multiple devices at the same time.


Finger tap to turn on the audio

It is the integration of coffee table and audio.


This is a smart shoe cabinet. It is designed to serve customers better. It is equipped with a sterilization and drying system, which can keep the
inside of the shoe cabinet and the shoes dry without any odor, giving the user a good sensory experience and health guarantee. In addition, it
provides users with shoe selection advice based on changes in temperature and humidity.


Sterilization and deodorization Drying and dehumidification

Mould Growth

Shoe cabinets are places that are particularly prone to bacterial growth.

Especially on rainy days, when the shoes get wet, there are more likely
to breed bacteria and even produce odors. It is not only affects people's
sensory experience, but also affects people's health.

Built-in sterilization and drying system. Users can choose sterilization or 
drying function at any time to ensure that the inside of the shoe cabinet is dry,
odor-free and the family's physical and mental health.

Sterilization and Drying

Material selection

Veneer Wood
Walnut Solid Wood
Matte Melamine Board
37°C Smart Dining Table
The 37°C Smart Dining Table is a design that combines an induction cooker with a dining table.It meets the diverse needs of users while saving
space. The highly recognizable water ripple on the desktop not only brings natural beauty to the table surface, but also shows the position of the
built-in induction cooker.

The water ripple shows the position of the built-in induction cooker.

Magnetic suspension module +Induction cooker + Atmosphere light + Smart speaker

Click the button to switch the temperature